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YOGA of Energy and Meditation...

in full consciousness ...
«Yoga of Energy, Release and Consciousness »
Fluidity, welcome and attention !

It is the way to slide in this moment, during the yoga session of energy ... Fluid movement, physical and respiratory.

Put conditions and fully welcome what comes, conscious of oneself and of the moment, without interpreting. It is without force and without gentleness, the right gesture.
It is a passive and active yoga, not voluntary, but very attentive. We are allowed to express what comes, while having a great presence to oneself, to the sensations of our body, to the energy that circulates more and more freely, to the point that the mind is relaxed in a softness and a good being as complete as possible.

Whatever the posture is, static, dynamic, sitting, in balance: The posture is stable and pleasant "sthira sukha âsanam" and Patanjali adds: "Then is our center established in itself!"

Former practitioner of Hatha Yoga, in 2006, I meet Marie-José Evert (professor in Yoga of the Energy, formed by Roger Clerc), which invites me to deepen this discipline, and to train me to the teaching to the " IFEYEB (Training Institute IFEYEB and Yoga Academy of Energy of Belgium: AYEB - in Brussels) under the direction of Bruna Montagné.

So it is thanks to all these people who have transmitted to me their know-how, and guided in these teachings, that in my turn I humbly transmit what I have received.

Tel: +32-473-976-179
Yoga of Energie
Yoga energie teacher (Roger Clerc line), I propose to you sessions of practices of a Yoga all soft, valid from the age of 5 years, for beginners as for regulars.

Three classes:
» Courses for children from 5 to 12 years old (games, yoga, appeasement, concentration, energy management).
» Courses for adolescent - adults, to learn the good gestures and to learn to meditate. 
» Courses for seniors, to retrive mobility and calm, tonicity and to learn to relax.

Charles: 0473-976-179
Meditation in full consciousness
Win on stress at work, regain your value and serenity by meditating.
It is a method based on the concentration of attention on the present moment and the body consciousness.
It's recommended for: 
» Stress management, chronic anxiety, insomnia.  
» Prevention of depressive relapses.  
» Management of Impulsivity (Bout of anger, binge eating). 
» Management of chronical pain. 
» Management of distress in the face of chronic disease. 
» Improvement of excessive perfectionism.

Charles: 0473-976-179
Energy massage
Energy massage is a massage to harmonize energies. . 
It aims is to improve blood circulation and energy, et énergétique, to eliminate blockages and to  relax the joints, muscles and tissues, to balance the body and the mind by a general relaxation and thus to have effect on the psychological sphere.
It allows a total relaxation of the muscular tensions and a quick harmonization (an hour is desirable to generally succeed in general) of the energy flows in the organism.

These sessions are offered in your home.

Charles: 0473-976-179
2014  Yoga stage
With the yoga of energy it's a practice from our matter; Consciousness of the body, energy and its circulation: consciousness-energy.
To finish on Sunday with the register of: : « You are not a bolide that falls, but a brilliant star that flies through the skies ! » 
We therefore enjoy Saturday (10am - 6pm) to explore our body and become aware of the energy through the feel and experience, its internal and energetic spaces.  

Sunday was the opportunity to practice energy yoga again, from all aspects explored on Saturday (day evening). The end scheduled around 16h allowed us to do the synthesis of the weekend.

This is the kind of work that can in a weekend make people aware of their body, their physical and mental health, build new ideas for a better life and reduce stress.
Meditation workshop
This work is intended for both beginners and curious. 
Objective: "Improvement of behavior", learning relaxation, psychophysical gymnastics and practice of supports like meditative narratives. 
These techniques, beyond their simple interest in improving behavior, are methods of transformation that must be carried out in their daily lives, in the workplace and in their own lives, interested. 
The workshop is complemented by a little theory and especially practical exercises, and finished on recommendations and exercises that can be practiced at home.

Next workshop mid-July 2017 at the De Linde workshop in Brussels 
Then second workshop, with the fmsb (Leisure and Health), November December 2017 in Brussels center.

Yoga in a medical home
Yoga classes for adults in a medical home...
since 2015, a session of 12 weekly classes each quarter, to accompany the patients towards a better being, and revalidation in support to the doctors. 

This course is aimed at adults as well as teenagers, it is possible to combine the postures and the sequences with the practice of a form of meditation accessible.

Through the combined exercises of yoga, relaxation and meditation, will allow a better health It also improves its physical abilities (strength, flexibility, skill).

These extra-medical services also act in prevention (learning the right gestures, the postural, the evacuation of stress ...).

Who knows his body, eat better, and treat themself better!

Want to know more? You can contact us by this form.

Tél : +32-473-976-179

1070 Anderlecht
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